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April 27, 2013
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Item #: SCP-541-P

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-541-P is to be contained in a secure holding cell in Containment Sector-█. SCP-541-P is not to be removed from its cell unless approved by a Level Four or higher personnel and by the current head of  Sector-█, who at the time is [REDACTED]. If taken from her cell, SCP-541-P is not to come into contact with any object more than 6.4 centimeters in length. In addition, she may not touch any object of which has been printed on, written on, or otherwise artistically altered.

SCP-541-P's cell door should be monitored at all times via a security camera. Due to any recorded or photographic evidence of SCP-541-P inexplicably disintegrating, no windows are to be placed on its cell wall.

Description: SCP-541-P is an equestrian being, on four legs measuring 1.3 m tall. Attempts to weigh SCP 541-P, however, have proved fruitless and events during the testing have resulted the death of █ D-Class personnel . SCP-541-P has a multicolored mane and tail, larger sections being a bright shade of blue and having streaks of faded yellow. Her skin is ridden with scars and sewn wounds, three existing on her stomach and four on her head. SCP 541-P wears pair of Pyramex V2G goggles atop her head. Further investigations have been able to deduce that the strap of the goggles are sewn into her skull, and only she is able to move the goggles in question from their position on her face. Her right eye is missing from its socket, although the intact left eyeball appears to have a purple iris that becomes translucent upon sighting SCP-541-P-2.

She was originally discovered by Agent █████ ███,in [REDACTED], Equestria, taking refuge in the home of one █████████. A six day long firefight between SCP-541-P and the entirety of Squadron ████-██ resulted in the death of 1██ armed personnel and █ civilians. She was captured using the Trident maneuver by three (3) ████-██ insurgents on their own accord.

SCP-541-P has a seemingly gravitational attraction towards writing utensils (For this reason, SCP-541's containment chamber is to be farthest ████ in its sector, in order to distance her from SCP-067). Once it sees such a tool, it will begin to mumble indeterminably (Thus far, tests to conclude her statements have been inconclusive), and stray slowly towards it. Within ten seconds she will break into a sprint and grasp the tool. If there is an object, organic or otherwise, obstructing her path, she will proceed by ballistically ramming into the object. Using this method, SCP-541-P has been observed to have broken through 11.23 centimeter thick titanium containment doors and armored personnel with a single thrust.

Upon gaining access to the tool in question, SCP-541-P will rush to the nearest organic lifeform, now known as SCP-541-P-3, seemingly memetically knowing their location (no other theory of how this is possible has been established or proposed). Using the tool, any outline she draws in a wall will cause any matter within to weaken to the approximate strength of Styrofoam. SCP-541 is ruthless when reaching the victim, pursuing them with voracious stamina and little physical stress. When close enough to SCP-541-P-3, she will gut them with the tool, shrieking numerous names and chants as she does so, including but not limited to [DATA EXPUNGED]. When SCP-541-P-3 is deceased, she will silently pull out the entrails and lay them across the floor of the room, spanning a straight line of innards from across the room, always going from east to west. She will create as many lines of organs in this fashion as possible before beginning to gather blood on the tip of the tool. She will then find the nearest flat and reasonably clean surface, be it a wall, the side of a lockroom control panel, a door, or in one case the lens of a security camera, and begin defacing it with seemingly random lines.

The lines drawn or written by SCP-541-P will quickly begin to form a picture. The image starts out relatively normal, such as a picture of █████████'s face with a cheerful expression, but as time progresses (specifically, over the course of 52-73 seconds after originally beginning the piece), the image begins to show elements of horror, including twisted expressions and scenes of decay. Once the image is finished, SCP-541-P will once again look for a sentient organism, repeating the previous steps. Upon viewing the finished image, known as SCP-541-P-I, any viewers will experience feelings of nausea and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The viewer is now to be referred to as SCP-541-0.
After the course of fifteen minutes, the viewer will report seeing SCP-541-P-I in various other places. Others will report that the surface SCP-541-0 is viewing is blank. This effect will continue and becoming slightly more obvious until three hours and fourteen minutes have passed total, when SCP-541-0 will report seeing the image when blinking. After the six hour, thirty eight minute mark is passed, the viewer will become frantic. In only oe instance was SCP-541-0 able to respond to questioning in this state, saying that they "See the song everywhere."
SCP-541-P has seemingly absorbed an approximate total of three hundred and twenty nine (329) bullets and survived three point blank detonations from surplus M20 rocket launcher warheads. SCP-541-P is to be terminated as soon as possible.
An SCP Entry for Grimdark Psalm. Done on a whim. Originally I was doing something else, but it turned into this.
See the Label Here: [link]
Psalm belongs to :iconpsalm-sinatra:. Not originally grimdark.
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